Doll Diaper

Quick doll fabric diapers for my kids dolls. These can be done during the kids nap time (if you are lucky and they take a nap...). Pañales de tela para las muñecas. Son muy rápidos de hacer, puedes hacer unos cuantos durante la siesta de los peques (si tienes suerte y se echan la siesta...).... Continue Reading →


Waldorf doll

Around four years I decided to give it a try making a Waldorf Doll. I thought that a good start will be "Bright Eyes Joy's Waldorf Making Kit". It is a soft and cuddly 12" Bright Eyes Baby Doll. There are no clothes to change as the fabric you choose for its body will be... Continue Reading →

Batman Costume

After the Hulk costume, the new request from this little guy was the Batman Costume and the deadline his birthday. I made the costume the same way that the Hulk costume (if something works why change it). Después del disfraz de Hulk, la siguiente petición de este pequeño ha sido un disfraz de Batman. Y... Continue Reading →

Cow Costume

For carnival my little girl had to be dressed as cow, the request came from her daycare teacher. I made a black pijama for underneath the dress. Then a dress with some volume and a crochet cowbell.  The ears are felt and the horns are crochet both sewn into a head band made of knit... Continue Reading →

Superheroe Birthday Party

My son wanted his 5th birthday party to be a superheroes party. I prepared a coupled of superheroes activities. The downside is that with all the activities (and of course I made his Batman's costume), I was not able to take my camera out of its bag.  So these are the photos I was able... Continue Reading →

Mermaid blanket (2 hours)

 Last week we were invited to a girl's 4th birthday. I decided to make a warm mermaid blanket for her (the inside is fleece) It only took two hours to put it together. And she really loved it, and so did her older sister who asked me to make one for her. 😍 I started... Continue Reading →

Let it rain!

Although in Spain we have more sunny days than rainy ones, I found the need to get a raincoat for my little girl. So I decided to make one (why buy it when you could make it? ). I didn't use any pattern, after making the pajamas I though nothing could do it. I just... Continue Reading →

First Crochet Project

I have never done crochet, but I really wanted to give it a try. During Black Friday I saw a good opportunity to sign up for online class, and so I did. Now I have completed my first crochet project, a hat for my little girl. Here the result: I really enjoyed doing crochet, so... Continue Reading →

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