Bathroom Dresser

Finding the right cabinet for a bathroom is not easy, at least not for me. My kids' bathroom it's not too big, I could fit a cabinet  but it can only have a depth of 30 cm and it could be 127 cm wide. ¡Qué difícil es encontrar un mueble para el baño!  En el... Continue Reading →


Dressing up the windows

I knew I wanted double blinds, but  I didn't want to spent much. And I love doing new things... So I decided to make my own blinds. I bought Ikea curtains (it's cheaper than buying fabric..) . Para mi salón quería tener doble estor de los de tipo "paqueto", pero con tanta ventana los presupuestos... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Sofa

An outdoor sofa for my balcony it's something I was looking for. There are a lot of beautiful sofas at the stores, but most times the price it's not exactly low. So I thought of building my own sofa. I thought about palets, but wasn't quite happy with the idea because they are normally quite... Continue Reading →

Mary Paint All Over My Bedroom

I wasn't happy at all with my bedroom, it was too dark. During quite a long time I was thinking how to change it. The first thing I wanted to get rid of was the black. The headboard had a black leatherette.  After some research I decided to paint it with Mary Paint. This paint... Continue Reading →

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